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ASHA KA JHARNA has been a collaborative partner for eight years managing CHILDLINE (1098) - Nationwide Toll-Free Helpline for children in distress providing round the clock emergency outreach services at our Sikar center. Under Mission Vatsalya Scheme by Ministry of Woman and Child Development, Govt of India, CHILDLINE 1098 services have been integrated with Ministry of Home affairs Emergency Helpline No 112. Revamped CHILD HELP LINE are now being operated by state governments (call centre at state capital) with field units at DCPUs. District Child Protection Unit (Directorate, Child Rights, Govt of Rajasthan) Sikar will henceforth manage and operate CHILD HELP LINE Services at Sikar from 8th October 2023 onwards. As per Ministry of Woman and Child Development, Govt. of India policy decision to discontinue / closure of CHILDLINE Partnership with CIF with effect from 7th October 2023, CHILDLINE INDIA FOUNDATION has terminated the service agreement with all its partners. 7th October 2023 was the last date for Asha Ka Jharna Collab to manage the CHILDLINE 1098 Emergency Help Line for Children in Need of Care and Protection at Sikar (Rajasthan). CHILDLINE SIKAR ACHIEVEMENTS: From inception since July 2015 till handing over of the project to Government of Rajasthan on 7th October 2023, we reached out to 3821 children & their families in need of care and protection vide a whole range of intervention services: