A Holistic Approach

( Micro, Meso, Exo, Macro )
AKJ’s initiatives have been widely appreciated by visitors as well as foreign tourists, government officials, prominent citizens and peoples’ representatives. “Looking after of these children are based on the basic premise of a well-thought and established subsystem concerning the child; this includes the micro, meso, exo and macro systems, and all our rehabilitation strategies are concentrated around this subsystem,” explains Goyal.
AKJ’s education, integration and rehabilitation work is addressed in a step-by-step process, he further adds, based on what he calls the four E's: enlightenment, education, employment and empowerment.

Apart from education, the Centre also organizes medical checkups, physiotherapy, speech therapy and audiometric services. Parents, families and teachers (both in-house and from public schools) are also counseled and guided by it through IGNOU affiliated short-term courses.

Computer education is an important part of the training as is the integration of the children into normal schools and community rehabilitation through participation in various cultural programmes and sports.

What is even more impressive is that AKJ also helps such children actually partake of the government’s benefit schemes and income generation programmes as well as providing them job placements so as to encourage them to live independently.


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