Functions & Facilities

1. Survey & Identification

2. Special Education
  • For Mentally Challenged Children

  • For Children with Hearing Impairment
3. Physiotherapy

4. Speech Therapy & Audiometric services

5. Counseling & Guidance

6. Training for Parents/ Siblings (IGNOU certificate course)

7. Training for Primary Govt. School Teachers (IGNOU Foundation course)

8. Advocacy, Opinion Building among Govt. Bodies, Mass Media & General

9. Awareness Among Local Community

10. Community Rehabilitation

11. Computer Education

12. Govt. Social Benefits Schemes facilitation services

13. Income generation programmes

14. Integration in Normal School

15. Medical Checkup By Various Medical Professionals

16. Networking , Capacity Building & Resource Sharing among Fellow NGOs

17. Orientation Sessions for Normal School Teachers

18. Providing Aids/ Appliances Through Various Camps

19. Providing High Quality BTE Hearing Aids Through Starkey Foundation

20. Referral Services

21. Social Services to Local Community

22. Vocational Guidance, Training & Job Placement

Achievement Futureplan

Holistic Approach

Message By Secretary

Foundation Stone

Training Program

Association and Membership


Recognitions/ Registration


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