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Pares Nath Agarwal, founder of Asha Ka Jharna is Malaysia-based NRI desire to give back to society and especially Nawalgarh, the land of his forefathers. To give his deeply nurtured wish a more concrete shape, his daughter Reshma Agarwal went on to acquire a Master’s degree in special education from Harvard University and was largely instrumental in conceptualizing and developing the Asha Ka Jharna project.

Pares Nath Agarwal, has returned from Malaysia three years ago and is currently based in Jaipur. He continues to provide financial and mentoring support as always.
This is a conservative society and people did not open up easily, treating us with suspicion at first. Since awareness about disability in those days was less than ideal, Founder and his team often found parents of children with disabilities either concealing or treating them very badly.
Some of the most basic requirements include having experienced manpower consisting of registered educators, physiotherapists, speech therapists, rehabilitation therapists and community counselors. Owning and maintaining in-house facilities and equipment like audio-visual aids; maintaining a library, etc. For the first 12 years of AKJ’s existence, all these expenses were borne by its NRI chairman Pares Nath Agarwal and other governing body members.
“A tall order, no doubt; but considering AKJ’s dedication to altruism and its ardour in spreading the message of empathy, it makes for a beacon of hope that the less fortunate can continue to look up to. After all, true to its well-chosen name Asha Ka Jharna has been and continues to be a perennial fountain of hope! “
- By Pares Nath Agarwal founder of Asha Ka Jharna

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